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Wisconsin’s economic protests will spread as health care costs bankrupt states

Wisconsin’s economic protests will spread as health care costs bankrupt states
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Mike Adams
Natural News
February 21, 2011

What we’re really seeing today with the union worker protests in Madison, Wisconsin is the collision of money desires with fiscal reality. Everywhere across the country, union workers want to take home more money. Across the board, from teachers and firemen to law enforcement officers and government office workers, everybody wants a bigger paycheck. But the states are going broke. And the economic realities we’re now facing are making everybody nervous.

The voters, you see, don’t really want balanced budgets. Voters, as a rule, are rather short-sighted. They want the higher government wages, benefits and social programs today but they’d rather not think about the financial cost of it all tomorrow.

That works fine for a while… until tomorrow actually arrives. And then suddenly your state (or your nation) is facing a debt burden crisis that forces it to make extremely difficult financial decisions.

That’s when the protests begin. And before long, the protests lead to riots.

If only money grew on trees

Nobody is happy about making less money… even when they’re already making a lot. The average compensation for teachers in the Milwaukee Public School system, when you add up the salaries and benefits, is over $100,000 a year. (…) The salary portion alone is over $56,000.

That’s pretty good money for being a teacher in a public school system. But it’s never enough, you see. Nearly everyone spends to the limit of their salary — and then they spend a little more, too, driving them into debt and desperation. The debt spending of a typical wage-earner in America is now so severe that the average annual savings rate is a negative number. And it drives people to a sense of desperation.

Yet economic reality says the public salaries must be cut. Either that, or jobs must be cut. One way or another, states are going to have to cut spending to remain solvent, and that means either cutting benefits, cutting jobs or cutting salaries. Of course, states could always just try to raise taxes on individuals and businesses, but that merely has the longer-term effect of driving businesses out of the state, causing a long-term job loss that ends up denying the state income tax dollars from working people, further worsening the state’s economic problems.

Why states can’t solve their financial problems by raising corporate taxes

That’s why raising taxes may seem like a short-term solution, but it’s really a long-term job killer. Texas is learning this lesson the hard way. When it recently went after, claiming the company owed the state several hundred million dollars because Amazon maintained a distribution center in Texas, the company responded by simply closing down the distribution center (…).

That’s the thing about raising taxes: When you squeeze companies too hard, they just shift their operations to a more tax-friendly state. The same thing goes for individuals: Raise the state income tax too much, and people leave the state to look for work somewhere else where they can keep more of the dollars they work so hard to earn.

This leaves states trying to come up with other desperate solutions to cutting expenditures or raising revenues. Several states are toying with the idea of legalizing gambling — as if somehow having a new crisis of gambling addicts and casino zones is a net plus rather than a net loss to any given society.

Why the health care system is destroying America’s economy

This all leads me to the real issue that’s destroying state budgets. That is, of course, sick care (state Medicaid). States, you see, cover the health care benefits of both active and retired state employees. This means the states are paying for the monopoly-priced pharmaceuticals, heart bypass surgeries, toxic chemotherapy treatments and other conventional medical treatments that are collectively known as “health care.”

Texas, for example, spends roughly one-third of its state budget on health care costs (…). That’s nearly $60 billion a year in so-called “health care” spending. This is money that’s largely just flushed down the toilet, especially given that conventional medicine does virtually nothing to help people prevent disease and avoid becoming costly medical patients down the road.

Remember: Every dollar that goes into a pharmaceutical is a dollar the state cannot afford to pay out in worker salaries or benefits.

And yet every state in the United States continues to operate a state medical board that maintains precisely the very same state-enforced medical monopoly that’s causing that state to go broke! It’s the medical board that makes sure doctors don’t recommend nutritional prevention of disease, for example. Any doctor that dares to tell patients that vitamin D can prevent cancer could be stripped of their license and booted out of the state medical system. This is true in Texas, California, Illinois and nearly everywhere else in America.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

It is the state medical boards, you see, that are ultimately driving these states to bankruptcy through the protectionist, monopolistic practices that censor or outlaw anything that competes with the drugs-and-surgery approach to health care. Any therapy that prevents disease is a financial threat to Big Pharma, hospitals, doctors and clinics. And yes, the sick care corporations and non-profits really are so greedy that they would compromise the health of the public in order to maintain their cash flows.

Case in point? Komen for the Cure raising money for cancer through the sale of buckets of fried chicken. (…)

The cancer industry, in particular, has willfully pursued a policy of discrediting cancer prevention strategies while increasing the recruitment of “false positive” cancer patients through mammography and other efforts. The cancer industry makes more money when people are diagnosed with cancer, of course — not when people remain cancer-free by being informed about anti-cancer foods, supplements and activities that could save their lives.

The result of all this is that the conventional medical system is sucking the states dry, resulting in the very financial crises that are now leading to these economic collisions between state lawmakers and state workers.

When the health care system takes away one-third of a state’s money, there’s not much left to go around in the form of salaries and benefits, you see. The real problem isn’t the unions. The problem is that states are paying their money into a broken, fraudulent sick-care racket known as “conventional medicine.”

So what’s the solution? Glad you asked.

The solution: End the monopoly on conventional medicine

If you want to save your state from bankruptcy, you need to dissolve the state medical board. Dismantle it completely. Allow doctors, naturopaths and herbalists to teach nutrition to patients. Allow health freedom in your state by inviting the naturopathic physicians to set up shop and practice real medicine without being harassed by state officials.

End the censorship of nutritional supplements by legalizing scientifically-validated free speech on nutritional products. This would allow companies who sell helpful products (such as vitamin D) to make valid health claims such as “Vitamin D can help prevent cancer.” Essentially states need to adopt Ron Paul’s “Health Freedom Protection Act.”

Outlaw the dangerous chemicals used in the food supply in your state: Aspartame, sodium nitrite, MSG and artificial colors. Ban the advertising of junk foods, fast foods and pharmaceuticals. Crack down on the price fixing fraud in which drug companies engage on a regular basis.

Through these actions and more, states could revolutionize their health care systems and ultimately see health care expenditures drop by 50 percent or more. This could save states like Texas $30 billion a year!

After all, taking care of sick people is hugely expensive. Preventing disease, on the other hand, is remarkably affordable. Disease prevention is money well spent. Vitamin D, which prevents nearly 4 out of 5 cancers, is ridiculously cheap to hand out to people, even if the state bought the vitamins for its citizens!

No state can survive the cost of caring for a diseased population

Presently, no state in America truly supports disease prevention or even basic nutrition for its people. Every state is currently supporting the very same fraudulent medical racket that’s driving them bankrupt. It’s like a snake swallowing its own tail to survive… sooner or later, you only end up consuming yourself.

I’ve said this so many times here on NaturalNews, but it’s worth repeating: No state (or nation) has any real future if it cannot encourage its people to be healthy. The sick-care costs will bankrupt you every time. There isn’t enough money in the world to pay for ongoing sickness and disease — even if that is Big Pharma’s profit model.

If the states wish to save themselves from bankruptcy, they are going to have to ditch the costly, ineffective and highly fraudulent conventional medical system that dominates health care today. This means taking aggressive action such as dismantling the FDA, opting out of Obamacare mandates and stripping drug companies of their drug patents (many of which are based on molecules stolen from nature in the first place).

It also means getting rid of the toxic chemicals that are poisoning people and causing the very diseases that lead to skyrocketing health care costs: Aspartame, fluoride (in the water), MSG, sodium nitrite (in processed meats), psychiatric drugs, antidepressant drugs, statin drugs and all the other pharmaceuticals that are abusively prescribed to patients as part of Big Pharma’s profit push.

It means legalizing healing and ending the censorship of dietary supplements and nutritional products that can actually reverse disease and prevent illness.

It means, in essence, ending conventional medicine’s deadly stranglehold on the U.S. economy.

Because make no mistake: Today’s pharma-centric medical system would rather kill the patient than lose its monopoly. It will squeeze cities, states and nations until they are dead and buried and there’s not a dollar left to suck out of them. The greed of pharmaceutical companies and disease industry institutions knows no bounds, no morals and no ethics. They would rather see America fall than their own profits. And they will do anything — absolutely anything — to prevent America from embracing health freedom, natural healing or disease prevention, because that would spell the beginning of the end of that dark, destructive chapter in world history known as the “Dark Ages of medicine.”

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We are living through the final days of the Dark Ages of medicine right now. Big Pharma, the vaccine industry, the cancer industry… these are all on the verge of collapse. As states and nations fall under the financial bankruptcy of a failed, broken sick-care system, when they rise from the ashes to start anew, they will abandon conventional medicine in favor of a medical system that actually works: Holistic natural medicine based on patient empowerment and disease prevention rather than chasing symptoms with patented chemicals.

Lindsey Williams to Break Bombshell Info on Alex Jones Show

Lindsey Williams to Break Bombshell Info on Alex Jones Show

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February 21, 2011

On the Alex Jones Show tomorrow, pastor Lindsey Williams will reveal new bombshell information detailing the plans of the globalists revealed to him by his inside sources. The new information will dwarf anything Williams has revealed in the past. The new revelations deal with the death of the dollar, exploding energy prices, and the engineered onset of order out of chaos revolution worldwide.

Pastor Williams’ revelations have turned out to be uncannily accurate in the past. In December, he told Alex Jones he was told by two of this longtime friends, both retired top executives of major oil producers, that the price of crude oil was slated to move to $150-200 per barrel in the short term.

The turmoil in Libya sent the price of premium crude oil in London soaring above $105 a barrel recently, the highest level in two and a half years. Economists are predicting gas prices will takeoff because of instability in the Middle East. Some say drivers could be paying $5 a gallon for gas by late summer.

Mr. Williams states the global elite plan to kill the dollar and bring the once great United States to its knees and reduce it to third world status.

The Alex Jones Show airs from 11 to 2 PM CST and can be heard via streaming audio at and on syndicated radio stations around the country.

Please tell your friends to tune it. This promises to be one of Alex Jones’ most important broadcasts.

Gaddafi’s Israel Threat Linked To Libya Riots?

Gaddafi’s Israel Threat Linked To Libya Riots?
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Paul Joseph Watson
February 21, 2011

Gaddafis Israel Threat Linked To Libya Riots? 210211top3
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Is it merely a coincidence that less than a week after Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi threatened Israel by calling on Palestinians to capitalize on the wave of popular uprisings in the Middle East by massing peacefully on the borders of the Zionist state, his own regime is teetering on the brink of extinction following massive anti-government riots in Benghazi and Tripoli?

On Sunday last week, Gaddafi urged the Arab world to revolt against Israel during a speech on state television.

“Fleets of boats should take Palestinians … and wait by the Palestinian shores until the problem is resolved,” Gaddafi said. “This is a time of popular revolutions.”

“We need to create a problem for the world. This is not a declaration of war. This is a call for peace,” he said in a speech given to mark the birthday of the Prophet Mohamed, a holy day in the Islamic calendar,” reported Reuters.

Low and behold, just days after Gaddafi’s very bold threat to seize on the wave of revolutions as a means of toppling Israel, Gaddafi himself is forced to flee Tripoli as protesters burn down government buildings and take control of entire cities. This tells you an awful lot about who is really behind the wave of revolutions sweeping the region – the US military industrial-complex that kick-started them in the first place.

Despite moves under the previous Blair government to normalize relations with Gaddafi, British Prime Minister David Cameron called the Libyan government’s crackdown “appalling” during a surprise visit to Egypt today.

It seems as though the new world order hierarchy has now got all its ducks in a row as part of a massive propaganda and destabilization assault aimed at Libya in an effort to hijack the revolution and steer its outcome to suit their interests, just as has unfolded in Egypt where a gaggle of NGO’s and globalist forces have swooped in to feed off the vacuum of power left by Hosni Mubarak’s ousting.

Gaddafi’s very public threat to Israel was undoubtedly one of the primary factors that sealed his fate and made him a target of the contrived color revolutions now sweeping the region.

In his speech today, Gaddafi’s son Sayf al-Islam vowed that his father and security forces would fight “until the last bullet” to uphold their regime, blaming the revolt on outside forces and chastising the global media for exaggerating the brutality of the government response.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

As Tony Cartalucci writes in his piece entitled, Libya Conquered in the Dark, the establishment media is once again manufacturing the narrative behind the protests in Libya. Given the scant amount of credible information coming out of the country, talking heads have hastily made parallels to Egypt and Tunisia, a red flag in and of itself given that both these uprisings involved the manipulative hand of the US military-industrial complex.

“Libya is next in a long line of nations in the Middle East being destabilized and facing a Western-backed regime change. With the corporate owned mainstream media performing breathtaking acts of propagandizing, the US State Department’s army of bloggers coordinating Libya’s uprising on the ground, and nearly zero confirmed reports coming out, it seems the large North African nation is being dismembered entirely in the dark,” writes Cartalucci, adding that the whole process seems to be focused around isolating China and Russia.

As we have documented, western support for the wave of revolts is also about creating a pretext to topple Iran by camouflaging a sustained destabilization campaign that has dragged on for years in the cloak of authentic, people-powered color revolutions.

As regional expert Adrian Salbuchi highlights in the Russia Today clip above, demonstrators seem to have a poor grasp of the powerful global interests that are driving the protests, and how they could end up in a worse situation than what they began with.

While there undoubtedly a myriad of genuine grievances fueling the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, including soaring food prices and high unemployment, in the case of Egypt the elimination of U.S. puppet Hosni Mubarak has only resulted in a military dictatorship taking the reigns of power. As far back as December 2008, the US Embassy was aware of plans to overthrow Mubarak in 2011 and had begun secretly funding rebel leaders to spearhead the campaign.

“I believe we are seeing the destabilization of all the regimes in the area beginning with Tunisia moving to Egypt, but unfortunately I think the intended result of this is to see it take place in your country of Iran. I think that is the end result that they [Western countries] want to see take place is regime change in countries that are unfavorable to Israel and the US,” geopolitical analyst Mark Glenn tells Press TV.

Glenn points out that the same conditions that made Egypt and Tunisia ripe for revolutions are absent in Libya, GDP growth is good and the economy is doing well.

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What’s happening in Libya represents, “Another color revolution that’s been backed and pushed by [George] Soros and other economic interests tied to political interests in the west,” remarks Glenn, adding that all the revolutions have been uncharacteristically (for a genuine grass roots revolution) leaderless, allowing western forces to pick up the pieces by offering financial “assistance” to whatever form of government takes over, hijacking the aftermath and reshaping the international order in their own image.

“No matter who comes to power they are already over a barrel; they’re being held by the throat by these western financial interests who are going to dictate terms to these new governments,” warns Glenn, adding that whether or not the revolutions were genuine to begin with, they will always be thwarted by succumbing to this process.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.

Middle East Uprisings: Order Out of Chaos

Middle East Uprisings: Order Out of Chaos
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Kurt Nimmo
February 21, 2011

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday called on Muslims to “remove” the United States from the Islamic world.

“The main problem in the Muslim world is the presence of the United States. It is the biggest problem. We need to address that,” he told a gathering of Shiite and Sunni scholars during an international conference on Islam held in Tehran.

Khamenei said Muslims around the world must preserve the “people’s movement in Egypt.” He said it was the duty of both the people and dignitaries of Arab nations and the entire Islamic community.

Khamenei, however, failed to mention that while Mubarak is gone the same gaggle of military generals now control the government in Egypt. The previous so-called civilian administration and the Egyptian High Council of the Armed Forces are basically the same body.

Also not mentioned by Khamenei is the fact Sami Hafez Al-Anan (Al-Enan), the chief of staff of the Egyptian military, was in Washington for two days and visited the Pentagon after the protests began in Egypt. He was likely receiving further instruction.

On the surface, the bloody protests in Bahrain (home of the U.S. Fifth Fleet) and elsewhere in the Muslim world seem to be bad news for the United States. In fact, the exploding events are high theater and will not result in vaguely defined democracy for the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and least of all the Palestinian territories.

Liberals love to hate Glenn Beck, but something he said recently makes a lot of sense. He said the “revolution” in Egypt is the beginning of a caliphate in the Middle East.

Beck’s task is to play the false left-right paradigm like a Stradivarius, so naturally he ties in the so-called Left in his analysis.

“For Beck, current events in Egypt are occurring as a result of their connection to his pet-list of far-Left ideologues, like Van Jones, and a host of organizations and unions allegedly linked to Soros. While many of these connections are legitimate, Beck obscures altogether the long history of Pentagon intervention in foreign politics. The CIA and U.S. military have, for decades, sponsored and created radical Islamic factions, including the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban and more,” Alex Jones and Aaron Dykes wrote on February 12.

Jones and Dykes conclude that in fact a complex series of destabilization efforts all across the Middle East are underway and ultimately these efforts will result in war in the region. “Control over the region, along with Central Asia, is believed to be essential for global domination. This aspiring New World Order will divide these nations in order to conquer them, even as they consolidate the major regions under a larger world government,” they write.

The idea of a Muslim caliphate and the imposition of sharia law are central to the destabilization plan. In the U.S., neocons and other Islamophobes and Likudniks have long warned about the absurd possibility of global sharia law and the threat posed by Islam.

On the propaganda front, Anjem Choudary, Abu Izzadeen and Sayful Islam serve as dupes for the corporate media as it fans the flames of anti-Islamic hysteria. Choudary, who once said “the flag of Islam will fly over the White House,” told Fox News he will lead a demonstration rallying Muslims to establish Sharia law across the United States.

Watch the latest video at

Choudary’s organization, the radical Islamist group Islam4UK, is accused of operating as a front for British intelligence. It is connected to al-Muhajiroun and its leader, Omar Bakri Muhammad, who has admitted being associated with MI5.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Another useful individual for the globalists is the popular Egyptian Sunni televangelist Youssef al-Qaradawi. He has called for a Muslim United Nations and a modern version of the Prophet’s caliphate that would form a pan-national superstate. He is one of the most influential Islamic scholars in the world today. He also happens to hold a prominent role within the intellectual leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic transnational movement that was long ago penetrated by the CIA and British intelligence.

As I noted in 2006, MI5 and British intelligence have a long and sordid history of sponsoring and engaging in terrorism. Hichem Karoui, writing for Media Monitors Network in 2001, documents the heavy hand of British intelligence in Islamic terror.

Western intelligence is fomenting the popular rebellions now spanning the Islamic world. We are witnessing the next chapter in the infamous “clash of civilizations” agenda spawned by the neocons at the behest of the global elite who are engineering order out of chaos not only in the Arab and Muslim world, but in much of the third world where smoldering resentment and class warfare threatens to erupt at any moment.

On February 4, during Friday prayers, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called for an Islamic regime to be installed in Egypt. It remains to be seen if this will be the case.

It is not known if Khamenei realizes that the Islamic regime in Iran was installed by the globalists. As William Engdahl documented in his book, A Century Of War : Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, the globalists covertly supported the Iranian revolution.

“In November 1978, then president Carter named the Bilderberg group’s George Ball, another member of the Trilateral Commission, to head a special White House Iran task force under the National Security Council’s Brzezinski,” writes Engdahl. “Ball recommended that Washington drop support for the Shah of Iran and support the fundamentalistic Islamic opposition of Ayatollah Khomeini.  Robert Bowie from the CIA was one of the lead ‘case officers’ in the new CIA-led coup against the man their covert actions had placed into power 25 years earlier.”

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In order to create order out of chaos and rearrange the geopolitical map, the globalists betray their former puppets for a new crop of autocrats and brutal thugs. That is precisely what is happening now in the Middle East and North Africa – the globalists are working behind the scenes to overthrow corrupt military dictatorships in order to allow an Islamic consolidation of power that will feed the paranoia of the West and initiate the plan for a new war.

Globalists Seek To Hijack Middle East Revolution To Topple Iran

Globalists Seek To Hijack Middle East Revolution To Topple Iran
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Paul Joseph Watson
February 21, 2011

Globalists Seek To Hijack Middle East Revolution To Topple Iran 210211top
Image: Wikimedia Commons

While the current global revolt sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa is born out of a universal human cry for freedom, food security and a decent standard of living, it is important to understand that the global elite are waiting in the wings to exploit the chaos as an opportunity to re-order the geopolitical landscape in their image, particularly by exploiting the demonstrations as a vehicle through which to weaken and topple the Iranian government.

The primary reason why the US military-industrial complex and other western nations appear to be supporting revolutions which directly threaten the tenures of dictators loyal to them, Hosni Mubarak being a prime example, is that such consequences are a price worth paying if the number one target of the globalists – Iran – gets toppled in the process.

Prominent neo-con David Frum made this point clear in an article entitled America Can’t Afford to Ignore the Chaos in Bahrain, writing, “Always and ever: Iran is the big play in the Middle East…Every regional decision has to be measured against the test: Is this moving us closer to—or further from—a positive change in the Iranian political system? That test should guide decisions about Bahrain, and about a lot more than Bahrain.”

Similarly, the The New York Times’ David Sanger highlighted the fact that it’s in the interests of the US military-industrial complex to allow the revolutions to spread in order to weaken the stability of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

In an interview with National Public Radio, Sanger noted that the Obama administration was looking to exploit the protests to create, “an alternative narrative to Iran that the United States ought to make use of.”

“It is in this context that we should understand why the Obama Administration, literally seven hours after Omar Soliman announced that Hosni Mubarak would step down as Egypt’s President after all, called the White House press corps back in and, as Sanger put it, “all but urged the protestors” in Iran, such as they were, “to get out and do more”. The Administration has clearly decided, as America’s strategic position in the Middle East erodes before our eyes, to “push back” against the Islamic Republic, in multiple ways,” write Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett.

Indeed, several top ranking former U.S. military officials have now called on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to “rescind the 14-year-old designation of the Mujahedeen-e Khalq Organization, or MEK, as a terrorist group.”

As prominent New Yorker investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has documented, the US government has already been providing hundreds of millions of dollars to MEK as a means of fomenting instability inside Iran.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

“The strategic thinking behind this covert operation is to provoke enough trouble and chaos so that the Iranian government makes the mistake of taking aggressive action which will give the impression of a country in acute turmoil”, said Hersh. “Then you have what the White House calls the ‘casus belli’, a reason to attack the country. That is the thinking and it is very crazy.”

As former CIA Director Michael Hayden notes, governments in the Middle East “are not dominoes, these are very different regimes,” with the Iranian regime undoubtedly being the most immune to the wave of revolutions currently spreading like wildfire across the region.

That’s why the US military-industrial complex is relying on MEK to become the vanguard of the Iranian opposition movement, because as Retired Gen. Hugh Shelton, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Bill Clinton, notes, “Iran’s current regime is currently a government that needs to change,” that is, it needs to change from the perspective of the US military-industrial complex, and they will resort to any means, including bankrolling terrorist organizations while framing them as an “opposition movement,” to make it happen.

The true scale and number of revolts now sweeping the Middle East and North Africa preclude any simple explanation that they were all kick-started as a result of US geopolitical manipulation. However, that’s not to say that such revolutions were not actively forseen and prepared for by the same forces now trying to exploit the fallout.

For example, we know that as far back as December 2008, the US Embassy was aware of plans to overthrow Mubarak in 2011 and had begun secretly funding rebel leaders to spearhead the campaign.

From a wider perspective, the fact that the outcome of the financial collapse would be food riots, revolts, revolutions and even civil war was understood years in advance.

As we wrote back in February 2008, six months before the economic collapse, the UN was “Warning of a food shortage crisis and drawing up plans for food rations which will hit even middle-class suburban populations as inflation and economic uncertainty causes the prices of staple food commodities to skyrocket.” This would lead to “food riots,” we warned, simply reporting the statements of UN officials at the time.

Soaring food prices have been cited as one of the primary drivers behind the revolts in the Middle East and North Africa.

In addition, we reported on an April 2007 British Ministry of Defence document which warned of a “mass revolt on behalf of the middle classes.” which now seems to be unfolding in Wisconsin as well as “Endemic unemployment, instability and threat to the social order,” across the world.

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The fact that the revolutions we now witness enveloping the Middle East and North Africa will grow and evolve is without doubt, the only question that remains is whether those revolts will simply lead to another form of tyranny, such as the military dictatorship that has taken over Egypt, whether the outcome will provide the opportunity for the global elite to accelerate their new world order, or whether people power will truly triumph and genuine freedom will prosper as a result.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.