mercredi 8 juin 2011

Depopualation Agenda – Weather Wars by Lauren Moret

Source: PlaneFake.  Evidence is mounting that specific nations such as Haiti, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and Japan are being targeted for destruction by a covert and deadly weather war operation. Killer tornadoes, deadly fires, devastating earthquakes — it should be obvious to even couch potatoes that something extraordinary is happening on earth.

Recently, dozens of communities in the Deep South have been flooded and torn asunder by tornado-force winds, creating scenes resembling the tsunami-and-earthquake-ravaged region of Fukushima, Japan. Are these global events part of a depopulation plan orchestrated by the City of London? Or China? What role does HAARP play in these weather incidents?
Host Rayelan Allan and her special guest, Leuren Moret, provide their expert analysis as to who and what’s behind all this mayhem.

Leuren Moret earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geology from the University of California, Davis, in 1968, and her Master of Arts in Near Eastern Studies from University of California, Berkeley, in 1978. She worked for 5 years at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and 2 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. She established her reputation as a whistleblower in connection with her work at Lawrence Livermore.

Moret currently studies and publicizes the adverse health effects of radiation exposure and how radiation moves through the environment. She criticizes the continued use of depleted uranium and contributed to the United Nations sub-commission that investigated the topic in detail. Collaborating with other researchers such as Dr. Hari Sharma, she has analyzed the tissue samples of 70 residents of Basra who died from exposure to DU as a result of the Gulf War.