samedi 23 avril 2011

50 Sites that Can Boost Your SEO Results

Using bookmarking and social bookmarking the right way can increase the efficiency of your SEO efforts tremendously, provided that you use a few tricks to help google pick up on your profiles and bookmarks page.

Here are sites I use that all have public bookmarks or profile pages you can use for your search engine optimization efforts.

Bookmarking websites are a great tool to take advantage of, especially if you have many websites to promote. Their primary purpose is to allow users to have their web favorites at their disposal even when they are far away from their computer, but they can be put to another good use when they provide a public page that anybody can access without having to log on to the platform.

Here's a list of such sites:

- All My Faves
- Blurpalicious
- BonzoBox
- BuddyMarks
- Connotea
- Delicious
- Favable
- ForceIndya
- Hotbmark
- IdeaRef
- Jamespot
- Jumptags
- Librerio
- LinkaGogo
- MEneame
- MisterWong
- MyLinkVault
- SpringPadIt
- SpingPadIt
- Tagza
- TheWebBlend
- YooLink
- YouBookmarks
- Zootool
- StumbleUpon
- Skyrock

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